Why RubricKing?

What Are The Challenges to Using Rubrics?

RubricKing Works Smarter

Regular rubrics store static and arbitrary point values. RubricKing stores relational values to a concept of wholeness. This shift in concept allows massive advantages:

  • Regular rubrics view unscored dimensions as zero credit. RubricKing adjusts to the existing relationships of what was scored.
  • Regular rubrics can't be edited after any scoring is recorded. RubricKing allows complete editing of rubric language, addition and removal of levels, increasing or decreasing assignment point values, and more, in beginning, middle and even after the assessment portion of the rubric cycle.
  • Regular rubrics need intensive manual calculations to retrieve valuable data. RubricKing automatically tracks rubric scoring data for rubrics, groups and individuals.
  • Regular rubrics cannot compare or compile data across the body of work from different rubrics other than to give a final point tally. RubricKing interprets assigned values, frequency of measurements, and scope of work to give a full reporting on what your rubrics were designed to measure from the start.

Your Time Is Valuable

Finding quality pre-made rubrics on the internet is possible, but it takes hours of searching unvetted sources. Scoring rubrics can be time-intensive, and compiling usuable data from rubrics is terribly time-consuming. We've got you covered:

  • RubricKing lets you cultivate your own library through importing existing sources, creating and improving on your library, and templating with rubric styles that work for you.
  • Save hours using the group grading feature to score entire sets of students all at once. This is great for real-time assessment and group projects.
  • Select from 10,000+ preloaded standards and data-points to gain unrivaled analysis advantages.
  • Leverage email delivery for instant feedback.
  • Reports are thorough and automated. Assignment reports break down how credit was earned and show relative student performance on assignments. Metric reports automatically capture and consider all data in the scope of assignments in user created groups and folders.
  • Download scoring outcomes to bring them directly into existing gradebook systems.

RubricKing is a Web App

RubricKing is always up to date and available to work anywhere you go with your internet capable devices. No restrictions to operating systems or type of device being used. Open a modern browser and go!

  • Designed with a mobile-first philosophy, RubricKing works equally well on your laptop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Rubric snapshots can be shared by a private link that provide that version of your rubric for peer sharing and import or to provide access to the interactive rubric for your educational community.

We're Built For Educators

RubricKing is an independent platform made by a teacher for teachers. Teachers value autonomy, efficiency, and effectiveness, and RubricKing makes every design choice to fulfill those values.

  • Your work stays with you regardless of changes to your learning management systems or electronic gradebooks.
  • You, and only you, control your account and your data.
  • RubricKing never asks for anything more than what is needed to return maximal value through our product.
  • Automated reporting is baked-in and conference ready.