Why ?

Save Time

  • Starting Your Rubric Library
    • Build and work from your own preferred templates
    • Import shared rubrics from other RubricKing users
    • Convert entire rubrics from outside programs and websites
  • Improving Your Rubrics
    • No need to wait for the next cycle - revise at all phases of development
    • Edit and improve rubrics including those with existing scoring data
    • Share rubrics with colleagues or stakeholders for feedback
  • Assessing with Rubrics
    • Quickly access and assign rubrics to groups from your own dedicated library of rubrics
    • Assign different total values with the same model rubric
    • Assess individuals electronically and provide immediate feedback
    • Use the group assessment tool to score from subsets through complete groups at a time
    • Quickly bring outcomes back into your infrastructure through csv downloads

Rubric Cycle

Work with All Your Devices

Devices Image

  • Open a modern browser and our mobile-first design means it works seamlessly across all your devices
  • Freely move from mobile device, tablet and computer to assess and analyze data the way it best suits you
  • Maintain control over your rubrics without being locked into other limited management system implementations

Make Reporting Effortless

  • Print or click to email from our server the scoring outcomes and written feedback
  • Non-scored categories default to differentiated scoring rather than inequitable loss of credit
  • Repeated rubric scoring creates automatic progress charting for individuals
  • Single-click reports automatically breakdown strengths and deficiencies showing how credit was earned
  • Individual statistical performance tracked against the distribution of your scored population
  • Attached standards, concepts, cognitive complexity and/or behaviors to rubric categories provide on-demand individual and group portfolio analysis
  • Provides a one-stop shop that builds and returns a profile directly tied to evidence-based performance that is explicit and descriptive

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Hands Together

RubricKing works beautifully for the individual user but also excels for a community of users.

  • RubricKing is not a searchable warehouse of prebuilt rubrics
  • RubricKing is a tool purposefully designed to help you build, share, import, and improve rubrics as you work along with your existing professional community. This way:
    • Best practices are tailored to your local initiatives, community and population
    • You avoid spending fruitless hours searching unvetted rubric sources

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